What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive gas composed of three Oxygen Atoms (O). Ozone is produced naturally by sunlight and lightning. It is created in the Ozone Joe’s Ozone Systems, by passing ambient air over a VUV (Very Ultra Violet) lamp, which replicates the sun’s UV rays. The UV energy from the lamp(s) splits Oxygen Molecules (O2) into single Oxygen Atoms (O). The single Oxygen Atoms (O) combine with other Oxygen Molecules (O2) from the air stream to form Ozone (O3).

How does Ozone Work?
Ozone is a very unstable molecule, thus it reacts very quickly with organic and ammonia compounds that are easily Oxidized, such as sweat, urine, lotion, oils, bacteria, viruses and other organisms that nature and swimmers bring to a pool. Ozone is natures most powerful Oxidizer and reacts over 2000 times faster than chlorine. It is because of this powerful Oxidizing potential that pool owners are able to reduce the amount of chemicals (chlorine or bromine) by up 70-90%. Once Ozone reacts with other compounds, it reverts back to its natural state of Oxygen (O2), thus the only by-product of Ozone Joe’s Ozone Systems, is life breathing Oxygen.

Ozone Benefits?
  • Reduces traditional chemical use of chlorine/bromine 70-90%
  • Eliminates red, irritated eyes & dry, itchy skin
  • Eliminates faded bather wear
  • Drastically improves water clarity
  • Eliminates foul chlorine/chloramine odors
  • Reduces costly repurchase of chemicals
  • Eliminates "ring around the tub"
  • Provides a more healthy swimming environment