The Ionization process is based on using antibacterial metals such as copper and silver. This process will reduce overall Chlorine usage due to the metals performing some of the organic workload.

There are electrolysis based Ionizers and mineral blocks impregnated with antibacterial metal based Ionizers. The electrolysis Ionizers require periodic cleaning and replacement of the generator probes. The mineral block Ionizers require periodic re-purchase of mineral blocks. So, both technologies add additional and re-occurring costs.

Ionizers cause flocculation of organics in a pool which does allow for particles to be filtered. The downside to electronic ionizers is that this process often times results in a staining of pool surfaces at the water line, often times permanently.

Ionizers have shown reduction in Chlorine requirements, but at similar Chlorine maintenance costs.

Many pool industry professionals feel that combining the Mineral Technology with an Ozone Generator is the easiest way to maintain a pool.